Natural Twin / Twinning Crystal


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Herkimer Diamond Specimen


A natural doublet
Many more images below



Atypical C Grade Herkimer Diamond

Length: 20.5 mm
Width: 15 mm
Depth: 10.5 mm
Weight: 17.8 ct. / 3.5 g

A natural twin, or twinning crystal specimen.  When two crystals grow together, sharing some of the same lattice points, yet terminate separately, it is called twinning.  One end of the specimen has two terminations, the other tip is a single as the crystals grew together.  These are also called doubles or doublets.  When one is attached atop of another, as is the case here, Herkimer miners call them a 'piggy-back'.
Where the Herkimers join looks mirror-like and color flashes in bright light.
This beauty has a great feel and many smooth clean facets.  One area has matrix marring, common with C grades.  It's clearly  seen in the images below.
A window facet is present as well. A 'window facet' is recognized by a diamond-shaped facet or "window" located at an area where the facet lines should have come together in a point, but instead created an additional diamond shaped facet. These crystals are said to be powerful teachers and assists one in seeing into the essence of self.
Most of the crystal has excellent clarity, the single termination is cloudy.  The images represent it well.
It's a fantastic natural twin, or twinning crystal specimen!

Price: US$ 57.00
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Two terminations have excellent clarity


Two sharp termination tips


One termination has matrix marring


Fantastic specimen


Penny in background for size


Good image of all three terminations


Natural Twin or twinning crystal specimen



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