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Herkimer Diamonds


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All crystals flash rainbows

Good to excellent clarity shows here.

Penatration twin has metaphysical properties.

Black hydrocarbon, anthraxolite, is present in center quartz

Ruler behind Herkimers show sizes.
Images above include the 18 mm, 22 mm, & the 26.5 mm
Larger two crystal images below



Five C Grade Herkimer Crystals

Length: 18.25 - 29.25 mm
Width: 13.5 - 20.5 mm
Weight: 153 ct. / 30.5 g total

An eclectic group of metaphysical Herkimer Diamonds includes twin crystals and golden healers. Sizes & descriptions:

  • The 18.25x13.5x11 mm / 12.5 ct. is complete with 1 sharp termination and excellent clarity. A double terminated seed crystal sets in the center and is clearly seen.
  • A smoky twin crystal measures 22x16x10.5 mm / 19 ct. Internal iron oxide, black hydrocarbon (anthraxolite) and a 4 mm baby bridge are present. A hopper mark, or possibly a blown out hydro cover a few of the facets. Clarity is excellent.
  • A well shaped penetration twin measures 26.5x16x11.5 mm / 23.6 ct. Dog's tooth crystals are present and clarity is good.
  • The 27.5x22x13.5 / 48.4 ct. twin has good definition with many smooth clean facets. Internal inclusions sparkle rainbows, clarity is fair to cloudy.
  • A rainbow sparkles in the sharp tip of this complete, but cloudy 19.25x10.5x15 mm / 49.4 ct. Herkimer Diamond. Some external iron oxide give it golden healer properties.

Most in the group are over 20 mm, large for of Herkimer Diamonds. While all Herkimers have metaphysical properties, the size of these makes them easy to work with.

Price: US$ 60.00
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Largest two Herkimers in the group of five.
One twin and 1 double terminated quartz crystal.

Measurements shown.

Golden healer properties and a rainbow in this metaphysical Herk

Image of 2 of 5 group of Herkimer Diamonds.



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