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Natural Herkimer Crystal


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Quartz well suited to make a ring.

Photo shows excellent clarity.
Many for photographs below



AA Grade Herkimer Diamond

Length: 12 mm
Width: 9.5 mm
Depth: 5.5 mm
Weight: 3.91 ct.

Attn. Jewelers ! This jewelry quality natural Herkimer crystal makes the perfect candidate for a ring. Along with its excellent clarity, one side has a large flat facet for a comfortable base; or back side of the ring.
All facets, or faces, are complete and smooth. Both termination tips sharp.
With a loupe, a teeny triangular key mark is seen.
This quality Herkimer crystal portrays well in the photographs.

Price: US$ 105.00
Order via Paypal: *SOLD*

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This natural Herkimer crystal would be suited to a ring.
DT natural quartz crystal

Herkimer Diamond next to a penny

Photo of excellent clarity, or water clear.

Beautiful shine and shape.

Ruler behind Herkimer crystal.

Show flat facet suited to jewelry making.



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