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Natural, beautiful and brilliant, Herkimer Diamond Crystals are exquisite. Because of the gem stone's clarity, natural facets, and double termination (points at both ends), these crystals are known to many as Herkimer Diamonds.

These quartz crystals, with a hardness of seven (on the Moh's Scale), can be used to make unique jewelry. Pendants and earrings wrapped in wire are the most common. Jewelry quality diamonds will be found on AA to C grade pages of this site.

At approximately five hundred million years old, Herkimer's also make exceptional specimen pieces. Cabinet specimen pieces can be found on the Matrix page of the site.

Those interested in the metaphysical may be aware of the unusual scientific properties of quartz crystal. Herkimer Diamonds, like all quartz, have the ability to convert one form of energy into another. For example, when pressure is applied to a crystal, energy is released in the form of heat, light and electrical voltage. This is what is known as 'piezoelectricity'.

Each of the Herkimer Diamonds featured on this site, other than those on the Machine Cut page are in their natural gem form and were mined in central New York state. Picture descriptions of the gem stones throughout the site will include specific information about the quartz crystals for sale as well as general information. All Herkimer Diamonds shown are the quartz crystals you are purchasing.

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